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Gausien Zwergs' Backstory
Gausien used to be one of the chemists back in Tot. He was born and raised around chemistry, experimentation and madness. His family was crazed over chemistry and all that jazz. He was home schooled by his uncle to specialize in chemistry related things, and this of course led to an ever growing obsession for it.

One day, he and his uncle were experimenting on a dead rat, mixing different fluids and minerals to ultimately form a creamy foam that would finally bring about the 'cure' of him and his tribes unattractiveness.

See, he belonged to a tribe which was formed as a result of genetic mutation experimentation. Thus, his tribe was all physically alike, despite not being blood related. Everyone had some sort of 'deformity', they weren't very attractive things. Gausien for one had a ­f*cked up eye, his scalp was bald on both sides, his hair only grew down the middle and he had birthmarks (that looked like scars) all over his body.

Anyways, the experiment went awry. The creamy foam they were attempting to create wasn't so creamy, in fact, it became gas, and they had managed to create a ravaging disease that spread all over the province of Zwerg, including the neighboring province; Vosaud. This caused an outcry among all the peoples of Zwerg, as they were the poorest of the poor and were treated as subjects by the Vosaudites. Weeks went by and the Zwergs have had enough, they rioted and rioted against the Vosaudites, protesting for aid and a cure - but to no avail, they finally split Tot into two nations.

Following the seperation, Vosaud invaded Zwerg, hoping to annihlate them and restore order; after all, the Zwergs were only a result of genetic mutation experimentation.

Gausien lost contact with his tribe and was thrown into exile to escape the ongoing havoc that has over thrown his home. He was scared and felt hopeless, being home schooled and unattractive ruined his confidence and he didn't know much about survival. Never the less, he lived a nomadic few months by eating squirrels and rats, living in caves and washing in ponds.

That is, until, the cold climate he was genetically a custom to drastically changed. This threw him into insanity, his innate madness from being a Zwerg in addition to the catastrophy from his past PLUS drastic climate change lunged him into the depths of instability. He went completely brain-dead, he wandered about, eating any animal he can find - alive, devouring sand like it was oatmeal, he stuttered as he spoke, constantly shaking, a cracky voice and all in all, a f*ck­ing nut.

He eventually stumblded upon a seemingly foreign land, an Oasis it seemed. Lucky for Gausien, it was populated, lucky for the population? An annoyance perhaps.

Gausiens' Social Progress [1]
Following the arrival of the Zwergian dwarf to the great Oasis, he's met a human whom he is quite fond of; Snow. Although sketchy at the same time, Gausiens' trust has grown for Snow.
Whilst being introduced and talking with Snow, he met Bob, the one with the golden helmet - the helmet he wants.
Gausien has an obsession for gold, bones, dead flesh and weird shit that can kill you. He's crazed with experimentation and chemistry and will screw around with anything and everything he can.

Gausien met the town guard much later on, and long story short, Crystal, a wizard and Gausien got into a bit of a fuss, which resulted into Gausien being imprisoned. He escaped, got imprisoned again, and escaped once more.
He got into several fights with Crystal and the others, and everyone (with the exception of Ambrose and Snow) think he's a savage, unsafe psycho. He's not. He's crazy, unstable and paranoid. He sparks to self defense and verbal outrage when he sees Crystal, the vampire, the water-bender-avatar-thingy, and is neutral/cautious with the shadow man.

All in all, he's mentally disturbed even worse than before and all he subconsciously wants is to be mentally stable, free and sane again. He's genetically fucked, so this may prove impossible.

Gausien is stirring up something iffy in his cave, what will he come across? What will he create? Or better yet, what will be created? After all, everything he plans goes awry.

Gausiens' Progress [2]
Gausien, being surrounded by people who aren't as deformed (mentally and physically) as him is rubbing off on him. He's starting to think of his own sanity, he's becoming aware of himself - which is bringing back bad memories - it's driving him insane.

Being with Bear for a little bit is making Gausien more self aware, he's slowly thinking of his past and his mental state, being reminded of how screwed up he is. He can't bear the awareness of his insanity so he attempts to erase his mind - with his experiments.

After Gausien created a fluid that has unknown capabilities, he contemplates pouring it into the lake to make everyone like him, so he's no longer the outcast... fortunately, Crystal took it and ran. Gausien went nuts, Bear knocked him out and he was imprisoned again. Because of the mental distress, he's now sick.

After being locked in the cell for a few days, isolated from the town, losing access to his bottle and mysterious substances, he's going even more insane. He can't do anything about it because he keeps getting over powered and arrested, and he's not a criminal or violent minded unless provoked. What will happen to him? What will his mind ultimately become?
While freaking out and making a bloody, gutty mess of the jail cell, Crystal let him free, while destroying his bottle. He's lost it.

He lost his precious substance without even seeing the effects.

When Crystal threw the bottle, it was destroyed, Gausien inhaled a bunch of the fumes, unaware that the substance created will make him more insane over time.

Fortunately for Gausien, as a result of scavenging through the trash, he found more bottles, more than before. As a result of his previous rage, he combined plenty of risky and toxic ingredients and created a new substance, far stronger than before. Its capabilities are unknown. All that is known is that it is nauseating, very thick, pitch red and to those who aren't genetically able to withstand it will tear up, choke and fall unconscious.
Who will Gausien target, if targetting at all? Time will tell.

Gausien attempted to attack Crystal but was fus ro dah'd three times by Bear and Celthric. He's getting frustrated and is desperate for revenge. He grows frustrated and attempts suicide, failing.

Bear notices from across the oasis and comes over to wake him up from being unconscious and interrogates him. Long story short, he lost his farm, an ass load of blood and experienced a ton of agony. He's attempting to create a steel arm for himself to replace his lost arm - this is impossible for now because of the pain and lack of another arm.

Gausiens' Progress [3]
Gausien, enraged, manages to make a new substance but doesn't get to use it. He ends up in the pub with Sight, Marek and Vaurature whom all manage to over power him and leave him in pain and mentally distressed. After an ongoing fight and argument, Gausien was left in the pub to go crazy and scream on his own. While screaming at the skull however, he was asking for a mental wipe - Sight is going to help him with that.

Gausien was teleported to a room and a mysterious force moved him into a new room with Marek. Marek is supposed to help wipe his mind, wiping him free of the insanity. Marek surrounded him with a blue flame aura, placing his hand on his forehead. The flames obscure Gausien for a moment and disperse him, clearing his mind.

He's sane.

Following this, his arm was replaced and he was physicalled healed of all his wounds he attained after arriving at the Oasis. Despite the drastic changes, Gausien is filled with extreme remorse and guilt - as Marek explains himself and tells Gausien about his body and his life, Gausien tries to think of ways to help him. To no avail, Gausiens' sense of guilt and remose build up.

As the conversation between Marek and Gausien go on, they begin talking about how Gausien can make up for the past - it turns out, Gausien will be cleansing his mistakes and inspecting the drugs and attempting to make remedies, perhaps modifying them to redistribute, causing the users to be taking addiction-destroying medicine. Marek dissapears after telling Gausien how he can atone.

Gausien leaves and goes on about his business. Sanely and remorsefully.

Gausien begins to wonder where Snow as went, as he hasn't seen him in days. He also begins to reflect on himself, he realizes that the negative traits he acquired on the way to the oasis have dissapeared - he remains a twitchy, curious, crazy chemist, but he's no longer emotionally unstable nor enraged. He, being a Zwerg, remains slightly barbaric - in the sense that he prefers to live in a cave, use bones as tools and dress like a maniac. Nevertheless, his insanity and wrecklessness is gone, he still becomes a bit 'crazed' when he gets too involved with his experiments. He's returned to the state he was in before he and his uncles experiment went awry before the Tot division.

Gausiens' Progress [4]

Over the next few days, Gausien was cleaning up, making up to people he's negatively affected and reorganizing his cave to be clean of any possible disasters. He's now involved with the cracking down of the drug trade; with Jett being his prime helper for now. Jett had acquired some drugs from Bob so Gausien could analyze it. Through doing so, he'll be able to remove the addictive function of the drug and reverse the affects of the addiction - so anyone who takes the drug becomes unaddictive and loses the desire to take the drug again completely.

Gausien is estatic with the possibilities that come about this task, he's looking forward to it - however, things always go awry, after all, he is a Zwerg.

Gausien's Progress [5]

The drug analysis has gone well, unfortunately, with his successes raises more questions which may lead to potential discoveries and, if there are any more, future drug busts. This, however, wouldn't have happened if it weren't for his most recent innovation, the microscope. By smelting redstone and diamond with glass, he was able to form a super magnified glass piece that would allow him to zoom right into the atoms and cells of a sample he chooses to analyze.

The results of the drug sample analyzation are as follows.
Drug Sample in Testing Beaker
Shape - Circular; easy to move and mix.
Color - Appears to be a mixture of both purple and white molecules, hard to observe with low grade magnification due to color simliarities of red/white blood cells.
Texture - Appears to be rough surface, inner seems to be both mechanical (modified by foreign source) and chemical.
Behaviour - Floats around, there seems to be no pattern or any sort of behaviour. The cells simply living.

Drug Sample in Animal
Behaviour - When near another cell, it will open up, pierce the cell with its own specimen of the drug and consume it, it will then divide into two and the spare will travel to the brains nervous system.
Suspected Strengths - Definitely not able to be crushed and destroyed, very strong outter layer, ongoing defensive system within the cell.
Suspected Weaknesses - When injecting into another cell, a space is left open that can be left vulnerable to foreign contact; resulting in possible ability to inject the cell with a specimen before the cell closes, possibly destroying or modifying the cell internally.
Behaviour After Completing Purpose - Following the injection/spreading of the drug, the cells continue to reproduce and infect other cells, over time (approx; 2 hours), the cells become weaker and weaker until they die. The dead cells then transform into a gel like substance, merges with the skin cells, travels to the surface and evaporates. The gel like substance is unknown, the transformation process is unknown, and environmental impact is unknown.

Drug Sample in Deceased Animal
Behaviour - Does not interact with other cells, it simply flows by and dies (follows the transformation process of leaving the body it is in). Although raises the question: how does the drug know the body it's in is deceased?
Suspected Strengths - Unknown, although since the cell does not open up to inject another cell, the drug cell is unable to be altered with without risking its destruction or contamination.
Suspected Weaknesses - Unknown, unsure if any. The only down fall taken note of being within a deceased animal is that reproduction is thus far, impossible. Which again, raises a question of, how does the drug know the body is deceased?

In addition, Gausien has went missing for several weeks as he prepares a new project he hopes to aid the town in whatever way possible; be it the universal eradication of a disease, drug, anything, you name it, text being imprinted onto a tool, weapon or any possible object of your choosing. This new project, he hopes, will be able to aid any and every member of town as a payment for the disturbance he caused upon his arrival - as he still feels much embaressment and guilt.

All this boils down to progress, however, all good things come to an end. While Gausien's progress goes on, his plans MAY go awry, which has been putting him off and building anger within him ever since birth. Will he get fed up and behave wrecklessly, causing an accident? Only time will tell.

Gausien's Progress [6]

Gausien has returned to town after the construction of his machine; he hopes it will be able to help the town in many ways as possible. Not much has happened however.

Gausien learned of the arrest of Bob, one of the charges being drug related - this pretty much terminates the purpose of the analysis of the drugs, so he's deciding whether or not to abolish what he has thus far and store the items for later use.

Over the next few weeks, Gausien has been on a bit of a Hiatus, deep within the underground facility, developing plans and tweaking his machine for top performance.

Gausien's Progress [7]

After finishing some tweaks to his machine, he returned to the oasis and caught up with the new residents that stumbled across the town. He forged Celthrics name into his sword, befriended Undine, a water spirit and took part in an adventure to find Sight.

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