The Crazed Chemists' Inventions

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The Crazed Chemists' Inventions Empty The Crazed Chemists' Inventions

Post  hardeu on Tue Jan 29, 2013 3:37 am

-Due to Gausiens' incredible difficulty to analyze Bobs' drug samples, he is forced to invent his way to success; by inventing the microscope!

[60% glass blocks + 38% redstone + 2% diamond > smelted together]

-Because of the inability to experiment and interact with cells and atoms found in Bobs' drug samples, Gausien worked his way into making a tool so precise that he can touch, explore and grab ahold of cells. He calls tool the micro-pliars!
With this, he can also take specimens of other substances and inject them into other cells, leading to various capabilities.

[60% redstone + 30% iron > smelted together + added to blaze rod]

-From the time he was born, to an insane psycho to now, Gausien has used chemically modified lava to enhance, enrichen and strengthen anything he has created. Liquids are thickened into a 'gluey' substance and a combination of minerals and powders are usually hardened into rich gems. This lava was modified by the Tot originated 'auftrieb' fluid - 'auft' for short. (Auftrieb means boost in German).

[40% diamond + 40% redstone + 10% natural lava + 5% gold + 5% natural water > emulsified and smelted together]

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