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Post  Eli on Fri Feb 17, 2012 9:24 pm

Vampires, beings cursed to live an eternal half-life. Forced to drink the blood of the living to maintain their own existence. Originating from mortals who's blood was tainted with the blood of the Nosfer, a race long since died out. When feeding, they can spread their curse, and their gift, by giving the victim some of their blood. The victim then dies slowly over the next twenty-four hours, before being reborn as a creature of the night.

Possessing enhanced strength and durability, the vampire is still able to be killed through a variety of means. Most common is to pierce the vampire's heart with a stake; the material the steak is made of does not matter, but it is most commonly wood. Water blessed by a cleric is also hazardous to the vampire, causing painful burns where it touches.

If a vampire does not feed for the span of two days, it begins to become more suseptible to it's curse. They begin to lose their natural good looks, and start to look more fiendish, and evil. Their eyes begin to glow a tinge of red, and they crave blood. They need to feed within the next twenty four hours, or they will enter a bloodlust - a state of intense blood craving, where the affected has to seek out a source of sustenance.

Silver, gold, platinum, and other precious metals are a weakness shared among most creatures of the night, and like all creatures they can be killed by fire. The vampire is also unable to enter a dwelling uninvited, though this is mitigated by their innate powers of persuasion, almost bordering on mind control. All but the youngest vampires can withstand the sun, feeling only light stinging sensation from its effects; though fledgling vampires are at risk of bursting into flames.

Enhance strength
Enhanced durability
Enhanced persuasion
Will never die of age

Unable to enter dwellings uninvited
Holy water
Must drink the blood of the living

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