Artel: The Rise and Fall of an Empire

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Artel: The Rise and Fall of an Empire

Post  KraftyKlutz on Tue Feb 21, 2012 8:53 am

A Brief Overview of the History of Artel

The Artelian species wasn’t always its own species. Long, long ago, they were Elven. The species lived wholly and peacefully for ages until a group of elves who felt that they weren’t reaching their full potential formed a political movement called ‘The Brotherhood of Artel’, named after its founder. They wanted an empire. They wanted power and respect. But no matter how hard they tried, they could never convince the Elders to change their ways. And so they left. They travelled across continents and seas before they found a suitable place to settle down and founded the city of Artel.

Native to the continent was a race of Giants: tall, powerful, and brutish folk. The Artelians recognised the opportunity, and befriended the Giants, even going so far as to mix their bloodlines, making for stronger Artelians. At the height of their empire, the Artelians had control over many cities and continents. They had even annexed the Elven nation they had originally split from. Slowly, their ways became less warlike, and they began to focus more on education, peace, and the maintenance of order in their Empire. (Some time after this point, Xander leaves Artel and moves to Betelgeuse)

Having bred with the native Giants in the younger years of the nation, Artelians often grew to be 8, 9 and even 10 feet tall. It wasn't always uncommon that they grew taller. 13000 years after they had founded their first city, their power began to wane. By this point, the Giant and Artelian races had completely merged, and Artelians were, unlike their Elven ancestors, powerfully built, often between 10 and 15 feet tall, but still as wise as ever, and still with tempers not to be contended with.

Eventually they lost their footholds on the other continents, and they were left only with the few cities on their own continent. 13500 years after founding, a foreign power swept through the land, destroying the last cities of the Artelian Empire, and killing all but one Artelian. Ridgire: the culmination of Artelian evolution.


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