Artifacts From the Darandelle

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Artifacts From the Darandelle

Post  Sight on Sat Feb 18, 2012 11:53 pm

Caduceus Staff
The staff of healing. Provides extremely enhanced powers over restorative magics. Envied by clerics and druids alike. (blaze rod/golden enchanted sword on transforming)

Touch of Calming
A spell known only to the Druids of the Elves. Lost long ago in an old Barrow. The spell is said to have been able to relax and calm any sort of rage. (Passive and requires no item)

Gabriel's Hammer
A massive iron hammer that was rumored to have fallen from the heavens from the grasp of Archangel Gabriel. It is said to be a ward from the undead, and can strike them down in a single blow. The hammer is very powerful and cannot break.

Helmet of the Deep
Lost long ago on an ancient pirate ship. It was stolen from a Darandelle Merchant, and was said to possess the ability to allow the wearer to breathe underwater.

Axe of Fortune
An Artifact whose blade is seemingly-unbreakable. It's not the strongest weapon, and doesn't claim to be. However it does seem to possess a strange effect of causing monsters to drop more items.

Longsword of Flames
Multiple swords of this caliber were forged in the Mycelian Great Forge during the Thousand Year War. The Darandelle used their magics to enchant the blades with fire aspects, causing intense searing pain on their targets.


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