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“What do I do… what do I do…” Sight mumbled as he felt his way around the crater. His hand touched something cold that felt like skin. “Oh for Solaris’ sake… please don’t be dead…” He rubbed his eyes trying to adjust them to the light somehow. He flipped the body over and peered where its face should be, instead all he could see was a thin layer of ice, and it was cracking.
“Dear, sweet, bleeding fuck!” Eli flailed about, thrashing ice and bits of dirt around as he struggled free from Sight’s grasp. He managed to clip Sight on his chin with an icy fist and sent the Dwarf sprawling. He looked up at the cold night sky as icy-bits flaked off of his skin; he had created a thin layer of ice as a sort of fail-safe protection from the blast. They had traveled through a dimensional rift… Zarthes saved them all in the final moments before the world ended. Zarthes! Eli snapped to his feet, brandishing a small torch that he lit with a small ball of flame that he had produced from his fingertips. “Zarthes, come on where are you? I saw you open that rift and come through, I know you’re here somewhere!” Eli screamed into the night hoping that the Shadow Elf would hear him and come running. No one came that night, and the two friends sat in the crater together, confused and disoriented.
Morning came, and with it a new hope as the pair saw that they were not alone. A couple of pigs had wandered close, along with a few chickens. Eli promptly cast a combustion spell and the animals were fried within seconds, breakfast was served.
“Y’know Eli,” Sight muttered through mouthfuls of pork, “I’m sure a nice, open fire would’ve just as well.” He picked his teeth with his nails as he looked towards a grouping of trees.
“Yes, but why would I waste time when I can simply make breakfast in seconds,” Eli retorted as he inspected an egg that he thought may be edible.
The forest around them was sparse, and there were very few trees that separated them and the clearing to the south, Sight got up and wandered off towards the clearing, motioning Eli to follow him. The mage reluctantly stood up, brushing his robes off and stamping out a small fire nearby. By the time Eli had reached where Sight had been a mere minute ago, the Dwarf had disappeared.
“Great,” Eli said with an exasperated sigh, “first we get dragged into another dimension of some sorts and then the Dwarf goes missing. That’s just what I need.” He pushed some low hanging branches out of his face as he between a few oak trees. As he waltzed under the final tree in the grove Eli noticed that there was a building poking out over some trees in the distance and the only thing between him and those was a decently sized bit of plains. To the west lay a few hills and oaks, with the random birch tree poking out within the mix.
“Alright… guess that’s where I’m headed then,” the mage mumbled as he walked across the grassland, “I swear if there’s some sort of Lich in there I will smack a bitch with this stick.” He whipped out his trusty stick and began mock sword fighting as he kept up the brisk pace.
Upon reaching the little building Eli immediately noticed that it was a small chapel, not one that was dedicated to a particular deity but rather one that had been abandoned for what looked like many years. He stepped inside and looked around at the pillars and walls. He could make out a few of the stained glass figures, and noticed that they were the same figures that were portrayed in the chapels back in Novograd. Eli’s gaze was transfixed on the glass in the back of the room, and he couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off the astonishing artwork.
“This doesn’t look like any of the Spirits I knew of…” he gasped as he touched the window. A massive construct was painted in the glass fragments, with intricate gold and silver ribbons flowing around it. Many swords adorned the sides of the stained glass all of which were pointed inwards at the figure, as if they were about to strike all at once.
“Eli!” A voice rang out behind him and he whipped around, stick in hand. He noticed several heads peeking out of the front windows of the church, and he could put names to all of them. The voice that had called to him was Karen the Elven girl from Novograd who had narrowly escaped a bandit attack before Zarthes opened the portal. Behind her were Satoshi, Bear, and Zarthes. Satoshi sat on a tree stump obviously injured though he was trying not to show any sign of pain as he clenched the wound on his stomach. Bear was picking flowers and admiring the nearby trees, she didn’t seem like she had so much as a scratch on her. Zarthes looked as mangled as ever, his face full of scars and the patch over his eye singed a little around the edges. Karen ran up and hugged him, her hair smelled of lavender with a hint of lemons, and for a brief moment Eli was at peace. He thought that no matter what happened in the times to come, as long as he could keep hold of this girl everything would be okay.
“Alright you two keep your tongues in your mouths,” Zarthes blurted out in the back of the chapel and he smiled as Karen and Eli blushed simultaneously, “I found something you’ll enjoy Eli, I’ve already shown the others.” He made a waving motion towards the two as the rest of the group followed him around the back of the chapel. Eli rushed out the door with Karen in tow and bolted around the back of the building to see what was going on. Behind the chapel there were two things that were anywhere near noteworthy. There was a small graveyard with three graves, and then a small house with a wooden shed. The house looked to be in a state of disrepair, as if the previous owner had been dead for an age.
“Hey Sato, come check out these graves.” Bear shouted as she pranced around the graves like a child who had been taught no manners.
“Stop that!” Satoshi barked as he ran over and pushed Bear out of the way, “You must not desecrate the dead like that Bear! If their souls were still in the area, who knows what sort of curse would be placed on you!” He bent over the graves saying a small prayer while brushing off a few layers of dust from the headstones.
“Ar… on… Ma.. Aronma? No that doesn’t seem right, the letters are too spaced out,” Satoshi contemplated what the tombstone could’ve possibly said and shrugged, “well whoever it was this appears to be a couple and their child. They’ve been dead for quite some time and the weather seems to have taken it’s toll on their headstones.”
Zarthes walked over, placing a hand on Satoshi’s shoulder. “Listen lad, we’ve got a serious issue here, and I think you know what it is.” He pulled out a metal helmet and Eli’s eyes watered up. Sight’s helmet, he never took it off. That Dwarf bathed with that helmet on. “I want you to take the soul that is in this helmet and place it which ever one of those bodies has enough life-force in it to withstand the procedure.”
“That’s morbid of you my liege… I like it,” Satoshi said with a smirk on his face, “I’m going to need some time to prepare the ritual, as well as a large stone and some redstone for reagents. If any of you values your lives you will stay as far away from me as possible while I dig these graves up. I will not hesitate to curse you if you tread on these hallowed grounds while I work.” Satoshi rolled his robe sleeves up and pulled a small shovel out of his pack, he began to toil away at the dirt mounds.
“Zar… you’re telling me the Dwarf is gone?” Eli said with a straight face.
“Aye, and it’s a damn shame. That fool went and sacrificed himself in the most heroic way I’ve ever seen. Took on a dozen o’ them demons in the rift while we were running. I didn’t even have the time to grab him and pull him through, he just up and transformed into some sort of massive flame. The blast propelled us through the portal, he saved us all Eli.” Zarthes fiddled around with the helmet, trying not to show much emotion. He’d grown fond of the little Dwarf, he’d even started calling him an angry drunken beard on legs.
Night was falling, and the group huddled into the abandoned house, it was barely big enough to fit them all in it, never the less have enough room for them all to sleep soundly. After a little while and a heated argument over who got to sleep in the shed, a couple of people moved over to the little wooden shack and fell asleep. In the morning Satoshi got back to work and Zarthes wandered off in search of something he kept calling “Home”. Eli wasn’t quite sure what to make of Zarthes yet, the man had been proclaimed a king back in Novograd, and had opened a portal to save them all before the Lich rained hellfire upon their city. He was a strange one, and wasn’t one to be trifled with lightly. Eli was glad he was on their side and not one of the bad ones.
“Wait Sato,” Eli whispered the next morning as Satoshi pulled the coffins out of the holes he had dug, “I saw Sight before I came over to the chapel. He can’t be gone, this has to be some sort of joke right?” The necromancer turned his head, and stared into his eyes for a long while.
“He’s dead Eli,” was his only reply as he lifted the largest coffin and placed it on the solid ground.
“Well dammit Sato,” Eli exclaimed, “you could show a little more compassion towards the Dwarf then! He saved our lives apparently!” There was no response from the dark mage, and Eli didn’t really expect one. Satoshi had always been a loner, and was always keeping to himself.

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