Skype interveiw with Braxton Conley a.k.a. Sight Foreson

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Skype interveiw with Braxton Conley a.k.a. Sight Foreson Empty Skype interveiw with Braxton Conley a.k.a. Sight Foreson

Post  AGWizard on Thu Feb 28, 2013 12:59 am

[9:18:35 PM] AGWizard: Hello I'm AGWizard, also known as Arc. I'm here with ihave4sight aka "Sight Foreson"
[9:20:04 PM] Sight: Heya.
[9:20:13 PM] AGWizard: So Sight, how do you think Betelgeuse has been going since we returned to the 1.0's storyline?
[9:20:57 PM] Sight: Honestly, downhill. I preferred the original server more than any of the other plots we've ran. I mean some of them have been fun, but in general census the community tends to kill the mood of the plot and such.
[9:22:55 PM] AGWizard: Personally i think you miss a lot of the liveliness when your not around, then again we never truly know when you're watching.
[9:24:11 PM] Sight: I'm usually watching things, writing, playing other things, or y'know. Out and about.
[9:24:47 PM] AGWizard: so by "The Original Server" are you reffering to the LNG Server"?
[9:25:24 PM] Sight: No the original one we ran, the first Betelgeuse map.
[9:29:08 PM] AGWizard: So for people who weren't around during the first map tell them about Vendigroth
[9:30:53 PM] Sight: Vendigroth was oringally set as Zarthes' home town, however I don't really know what went on with that really, I was just around as the villain. I went around killing the Spirits with a weapon known as "Godslayer" which was a massive 11' tall bow. The bow contained the powers to slay deities and that's what my character used it for.
[9:31:57 PM] AGWizard: This bow was destroyed when Sight sacrificed his archon body correct?
[9:32:11 PM] Sight: Yup.
[9:32:14 PM] Sight: It was split in two.
[9:32:27 PM] AGWizard: Oh? it still exists?
[9:32:50 PM] Sight: It does, however until the weapons are whole, they're useless. As players saw with Celosia's sword when it was crafted.
[9:36:25 PM] AGWizard: Tell us the Importance of Archon Weapons like Godslayer
[9:37:52 PM] Sight: They are weapons that were crafted by the Archons when they went to war with the other races way back when. The Archons were extremely well trained warriors, however there weren't very many of them. Well at least compared to the other races.
[9:40:48 PM] AGWizard: The Archon were quite something huh? where could people learn more about the Archons?
[9:42:07 PM] Sight: Probably The Library of the Ancients. However no one gets out of there. The Archons were something of ancient legend, they were essentially super-soldiers with an extremely powerful genetic make-up. Not much is known about them because they're mostly considered myths. They were pretty much completely wiped out.
[9:43:16 PM] AGWizard: could this be the same library i remember from the vendigroth map?
[9:44:14 PM] Sight: Nope. Different Library.
[9:44:19 PM] Sight: That was in the base of the Yggdrasil.
[9:48:21 PM] AGWizard: Tell us about "The World Tree, Yggdrasil"
[9:48:36 PM] Sight: It was a big tree.
[9:48:38 PM] Sight: That I made.
[9:48:48 PM] Sight: And it was corrupted by the nether.
[9:49:15 PM] Sight: Well, Herobrine to be exact. Prior to him slaying Notch.
[9:51:04 PM | Edited 9:51:09 PM] AGWizard: I seem to remember a scene inside the tree's base where Sight Forson had Death's Sythe, now tell us how this fits in with the lore
[9:53:13 PM] Sight: He does, that was also an Archon Weapon.
[9:55:01 PM] AGWizard: So Death, was he an archon?
[9:55:12 PM] Sight: It was just titled that.
[10:00:46 PM] AGWizard: So it's a name? is there any inspiration for it?
[10:01:19 PM] Sight: It was a cool weapon.
[10:01:36 PM] Sight: It was also used later on in the ice plot.
[10:07:15 PM] AGWizard: what is the current status of Death's Scythe?
[10:12:43 PM] Sight: MIA.
[10:13:30 PM] Sight: It was last seen on a dead priest in the middle of a frozen wasteland.
[10:13:36 PM] AGWizard: So tell us about Darkforge, maybe about some of it's history?
[10:14:50 PM] Sight: Some of it's history will be explained in Darkforge itself.
[10:15:15 PM] Sight: The rest I'll answer after the place has been explored and conquered. Or failed.
[10:15:22 PM | Edited 10:15:28 PM] AGWizard: we'll just have to wait for that then won't we
[10:17:50 PM] AGWizard: What's it like working with Eli?
[10:18:30 PM] Sight: Honestly, I have never worked with a better person. He's grown to become my best friend in the year or so we've been at this.
[10:18:54 PM] Sight: I even spent some money out of my own pocket, went down to where he lives, picked him up, and we went to Florida.
[10:20:09 PM] AGWizard: how has the creative progress gone with the both of you for Betelgeuse?
[10:22:36 PM] Sight: Honestly, he writes the lore. I kill things.
[10:24:18 PM] AGWizard: let's talk about the player-base. Do you pick favorites?
[10:25:00 PM] Sight: Nope. I hate everyone equally.
[10:25:13 PM] AGWizard: well said!
[10:25:18 PM] Sight: Sight nods sagely.
[10:28:05 PM] AGWizard: is there anyone who sets a good example as a player? how would you like to see the player-base improve?
[10:29:53 PM] Sight: Monk, and for them to actually have IC reasons for having things.
[10:31:17 PM | Edited 10:31:24 PM] AGWizard: like diamond weapons and tools and armor?
[10:33:02 PM] Sight: Mhm.
[10:35:01 PM | Edited 10:36:26 PM] AGWizard: During your times have you had any outside inspirations?
[10:38:56 PM] Sight: Of course. I read quite a few HP Lovecraft novels, Dragonlance novels, and such.
[10:39:03 PM] Sight: Lots of fiction.
[10:39:53 PM] AGWizard: all around
[10:40:11 PM] AGWizard: it's good not to just take inspiration from one place
[10:40:35 PM] AGWizard: so sight you hinted at another continent for the next RP setting
[10:40:43 PM] AGWizard: what else might you be able to tell us?
[10:41:35 PM] Sight: I can tell you I'm planning on writing the lore for the next continent, as well as possibly allowing the community to make a decision on how we play.
[10:41:48 PM] Sight: In other words, I'm thinking of incorporating a very large amount of mods.
[10:42:08 PM] AGWizard: this sounds ambitious
[10:42:24 PM] Sight: However, if I find any players with items that don't make sense in-character, I'll probably just ban them. Because I'm tired of all the OP stuff people have.
[10:42:44 PM] Sight: I won't be able to keep track of all these items, so if I find things. Tough shit. Shouldn't have broken my rules.
[10:42:46 PM] Sight: Sight shrugs.
[10:43:29 PM] AGWizard: Watch out players
[10:45:05 PM] AGWizard: i assume you will make it glaringly obvious that this is an issue to keep banishment as unlikely as possible
[10:46:38 PM] Sight: Hmm maybe. I may just tack a rule up at the beginning and expect people to follow it. As they should.
[10:50:51 PM] AGWizard: Well people better be careful in the future
[10:51:23 PM] Sight: They should be careful now. People just need to listen to the rules, and stay IC.
[10:51:51 PM] AGWizard: one more question for now
[10:52:05 PM] Sight: Shoot.
[10:52:55 PM] AGWizard: how much longer do you think you and eli will keep the current plot going?
[10:53:37 PM] Sight: Until it's finished.
[10:54:16 PM] AGWizard: well said again
[10:54:30 PM] AGWizard: well sight thank you for taking the time to talk with me

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