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Post  Sight on Fri Dec 30, 2011 8:34 am

Reavers, those torn between the two realms of might, and magic. Reavers are capable of using more powerful forms of magic, while still retaining the strength of the greatest of all warriors. They are a true force of strength and are most feared in battle, where they reign terror on the battlefield with their brutish strength, coupled with arcane knowledge. Out of battle Reavers are often passive while speaking with others, they are often strong of voice and opinion and are of unwavering faith.

Their powers are gained, so the legends say, through the essence of a dragon. In some tales, the original Reavers slew a dragon, and drank its blood. In others, they Made a pact with the beast. In fact, they were the creation, the children, of the Dragon Lord himself: Nihilo.

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