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Post  Sight on Fri Dec 30, 2011 8:33 am

The Archmage. Master of all magics, and keeper of peace within the unknown Arcane world. Keeping check on the magical beings is only one of the Archmages duties. They often took on a favored element, most usually fire, as it was the common choice between mages in general. However some were more adventurous and daring, choosing to go out of their safe zones, and picking rare elements such as: Water, Ice, Lightning, Earth, and even Wind.

Examples of Favored Archmage spells:

Vello - Push
Urgeo - Pull
Accendit - Flame
Glacies - Ice
Fulmen - Lightning
Mutatio - Mutate
Vocare Nota - Summon Familiar (Non-Verbal)

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