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Tero became a Squire for the Templars of Flame at a young age. He showed much promise in his early training and quickly climbed the ranks. His abilities impressed the Order's instructor and he was soon selected to become a knight. For the initiation process into knighthood, Tero had to slay a fire elemental and bind it to his sword, which gives all Knights their impressive fire abilities. Tero dispatched his fire elemental in record time and the Mages of the Order assisted him in binding its spirit to his blade. In the final ritual, the sword was bound to Tero by letting the elemental heat the blade and then pressing the hot blade against the cheek of the wielder.

After becoming a knight, Tero was tasked with distributing blaze powder to nearby settlements and assisting them with their troubles. Tero quickly took to the task, defending the weak against undead and providing them with supplies. After visiting several settlements, Tero had heard tale of a madman called 'Sight' stirring up trouble in the City of Light known as Carpathia. Determined to make a name for himself, Tero set out to save one of the last bastions of hope in the forsaken wasteland.

Tero attempted to send out his squire before him so that the townsfolk would know of his coming, however his squire got lost in the wastes, and Tero arrived first...

At least, this is the story Tero would tell... parts of it may or may not be true...

Personality: A fierce warrior, professionally trained, and wielding a flaming blade, Tero is a force to be reckoned with. However, he is quite naive to the ways of the world, and he can be rather full of himself at times. He is surprised when his reputation (what little of it there is) does not proceed him and he often acts more heroic than he actual is. Despite this, Tero will fight to the death for what he believes in, and come to the defense of those who need it at a moments notice. He is also willing to lie to keep his reputation intact, despite the fact that he is usually very well mannered.


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