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Small Facts

Height: 5 foot 3 inches
Weight: 191 lbs.
Hair Color: Orange
Eye Color: Black
Age: 125 years old
Race: Dwarf

His Story:

Gorrin was battleborn during the Leviethian's hellfire on one of the great underground cities, AlderGaust. King Yorrick Olderrson who took power only seven years after Aidrich AlderGaust, was held up in the castle along with his wife during the birth of Gorrin, however when Yorrick tried to hide his newborn with his eldest son Gorm, who was already in hiding, The Leviethians blew open the walls of the castle, and let in the heat that surpassed that of the nether, white flames scorched and melted down the walls of the castle. Yorrick wasn't able to hide Gorrin, and as he was thrown to the ground by another explosion, he was killed. Gorm remained in hiding unsure of what to do, however when the levethians tried burning Gorrin with thier magical flames, Gorrin remained unharmed. Baffled and angered by what was happening, the levethians unleashed all of their magic on Gorrin, only to leave a small scar on his hip. The levethians eventually left, thinking that there was no one left alive to take care of the baby so killing him was unnessary, but what they didn't know is that there was still Gorm. It was then Gorm that raised Gorrin, occasionally explaining why Gorrin must hate those of magic, however Gorrin never really saw evil in people. At the age of 80 being a young adult, Gorrin left the safety of his brother and set out to the surface, hoping to meet another in conversation, hoping to actually meet another dwarf.

At the of 125 after passing many cities alike, meeting all sorts of people, and the occasional dwarf, Gorrin stumbled apon Vendigroth. Vendigroth was a city like none other for Gorrin, he felt his pressence was almost needed here. While struggling to meet someone in Vendigroth, he sat alone thinking of where to build a home, but he was without resources and soon without hope. Then out of no where, he met Arc Vales, and after speaking with him for a time, his meeting led to meeting Luna Valentine. Meeting Arc was the start of something special, as Gorrin moved in with Arc in his castle, Fort Valor, but as much as he liked Arc, he knew he also liked Luna, in a more "special" way. That moment was not only the start of friendship, but also the start of a competition, for these two friends were in love with the same girl.

Apon starting to get used to living with Arc, the two realized they were short on supplies, and Gorrin being a dwarf, was enthusiatic about going mining with his new found friend, little did they know this mining trip was going to get alot more interesting. Soon after starting to mine, Gorrin thought as if he was seeing things, as he saw notes and even full cakes appearing and dissapearing out of no-where, but as it turns out Arc saw them too. The notes were left by a bigfoot, which led the two skeptical, only leading them deeper into the mines, however creatures of those rarely seen started appearing, and this "bigfoot" was the one using them to protect him. Afterwards, after much time, the two met this bigfoot, which turned out to be one of luna's demons. This demon led to the meeting of Eli Mist and even a more dreadful meeting of Sight, as Sight tried to kill the demon, leading to Gorrin also hating Sight. Because of what happened with Sight, this revealed to Eli of Gorrin's slight nulling of magic, which led to Gorrin, becoming a paladin. Although this choice seemed clear, Eli said "All choices come with consequences", which led to Gorrin realizing, Luna was a mage, and mages, can't be with a paladin.

Eventually, Gorrin tried to get over Luna, meeting new people along with Avior Elitilte, which turned out to be the son of someone who played an important role in Gorrin's fate. As a last try to get over Luna, Gorrin visited the beach resort, looking into the firepit, hoping his love will melt away, when all of a sudden the fire turned purple, and then Gorrin, was sucked in. Gorrin woke up with nothing but the clothes on his back in an abandoned mine, alone and afraid of what happened, Gorrin pushed on through the mine, hoping to find a way out. As he came to a deadend, he turned around only to stare into the void of a deathly figure, and evil sorceress who he had met before... Avior's mother. An ominous giggle emitted throughout the cave, and as Gorrin tried to run, she followed. She was invisible, Gorrin could'nt even fight her when he got the chance. She started to make him hallucinate, causing him to hurt himself, and causing him to see nothing but diamonds. Eventually, he ran and hit his head on an over-hanging rock, only to wake up in a cage. This seemed to be the end of Gorrin, as the sorceress tore her body apart, becoming more and more demon like as she did, Gorrin could do nothing but wait. Then, as she struck, an eminence of light grew throughout Gorrin. It wasn't an immunity to magic, but it was actually the protection by his fathers soul. Yorrick told the sorceress that she couldn't kill him under his power, but she still tried, leaving Gorrin unconscious and badly hurt. It truely Ridgire that saved Gorrin in the end, as Ridgire found him in the nick of time, before she could do anymore damage, and at that moment, Gorrin realized he couldn't even defend himself.

After speaking with Eli, Gorrin was told he needed to seek out the godess of paladins. Gorrin returned occasionally, staying back in the city after Arc's death, keeping Fort Valor running. Losing Arc had an impact on Gorrin, losing his bestfriend really tore at him. Gorrin started drinking more, realizing he was drunk almost half of Luna's birthday party, and missing Luna's wedding. Angry with himself, he left again on his search for the godess of paladins, this time staying out longer than expected.

Well that should be mainly all the highlights of Gorrin in Betelguese haha, tell me what you think?

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