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Post  LunaMarilandValentine on Tue Mar 06, 2012 9:50 pm

Name: Andraste Amon
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Electric Blue
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Race: Eladrin
Clothing: Wears either her armor which is a dark metal, or a simple blue dress.
Strengths: Very intelligent, Speaks common and elven, wields swords with great expertise, Sings well, and plays the Ocarina.
Weaknesses: Does not like the dark (not quite afraid but very uncomfortable), Is afraid of being up in trees, Is very blunt with people, doesn't trust easily, and finds it hard to make friends.
About Her: Andraste grew up a loyal Legarian. Her parents had moved to Legaria from their home city in the FeyWilds to raise their little girl. However about 20 years ago they returned to the Feywilds. Andraste had picked up the sword at a young age and at eighteen she joined the army, refusing to return to the Feywilds. She has now come home, retiring from a nearly twenty years of service. She has nothing against the Miends, she just really hates how violent many tend to be. She has heard of the attacks that had been going on and retired simply to protect her home. She has a severe distaste for Sight Foreson because of his position as King of Miend. She doesn't make friends easily but once she accepts someone as her friend she will be loyal to the person and defend them until death or until betrayal. She has a tough exterior but loves fuzzy animals.
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