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Felix Almarean

Age: 79

Race: Elven

Appearance: Wears a green tunic with some facial coverings to avoid being recognized by strangers. Weight is average, however Felix is a fairly burly character. His eyes are blue, and his hair is brown. Of average height, at 6 ft 1.

About me:

Felix’s parents died when he was four years old from a pirate raid on his village, and he has learnt how to survive and thrive in a city ever since. Felix has a thirst for knowledge, and is not afraid to traverse unknown territory to discover new and interesting facts and stories.

Since many markets would not accept a child as a customer, Felix learnt the art of thievery. Although he was a thief, Felix was accepted into a School of Thought, where he learnt of the land of Betelgeuse and the war between the two cities. He also discovered that the two towns were accepting new citizens. Having felt largely alone since his parents died, Felix jumped to the offer and sailed off on the next ship to Betelgeuse. After discussing with his teacher, Felix concluded that he’d like to live in the city of Miendienl (being an elf himself).


Great survival skills

Amazing thief

Can sneak around well


Terrible handling a sword

An explorer, but sometimes he explores in the wrong places at the wrong times…


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