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Mirari, the softspoken Bard Empty Mirari, the softspoken Bard

Post  Guest on Sat Mar 03, 2012 6:57 pm

Name: Mirari

Age: 200

Race: Elven

Appearance: Mirari has silver hair and gold eyes, usually wearing a light

About Me: Ever since Mirari has been young, she loved music. She could find music in everything, the sound of the rain, the animals in the forest, even the trees have a song. She picked up instruments when she was able, and learned how to play the music of the forest. Doing so, she was found to have a gift. To be able to manipulate things through her music. She was able to calm the creatures of the forest, and play a lullaby to put people under a magical sleep. She was sent away from Miendienl when she came of age, to learn the music of the world.

During her travels, she learned much, but she always got news of home on the wind. Things in the city seemed fine, so she continued, playing her music in cities, perfecting her art. She can use any instrument, but prefers the harp over them all. She heard the music in the air, and felt that a recent tragedy has befallen her home, so she returned to find the conflict has escalated. She will defend her home with her life.

Strengths: Mirari's strength lies in her music. She can listen and hear the music of the living, and can play in harmony with it, or disrupt it. She can speak Elven and Common, along with Sylvan and Terren. She can use her music to mend minor wounds and alter things around her.

Weaknesses: Mirari doesn't yell, or speak loudly. This is in order to be able to hear the music of everything around her, over herself, therefore she is bound to be unheard by those who care not to listen closely. She also tends to stand in one place quietly for long periods of time, but it is to stop and listen, usually becoming unaware of everything else around her.

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Mirari, the softspoken Bard Empty Re: Mirari, the softspoken Bard

Post  LunaMarilandValentine on Sat Mar 03, 2012 9:58 pm

Your character has been approved but you need to me younger. like maybe 200 at most. Other than that it's all good. ^.^

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