Pan N'el Dar, Good at Healing...and Insane.

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Pan N'el Dar, Good at Healing...and Insane.

Post  Pan N'el Dar on Sat Mar 03, 2012 5:53 pm

IC: TeeEnTee

Former Characters?: Demetri Sandalwood, Qualin Silverward

AGE: 32

Race: Lizardkin (pending approval)

Appearance (Height, weight, distinguishing features, overall) : Pan wears a brown tunic with a belt, and nothing more. He believes that it's not necessary for him to wear any more clothes than what is needed to cover himself. Despite his youth, he is already balding. He has long, lizard-like ears.

Bio: Pan N'el Dar is extremely talented. He is a star healer, an expert alchemist, a nature-based enchanter, and sometimes claims he can hear animals speaking to him. He can command the deep volcanos and magma quires of the earth to erupt immediately. He can move mountains. He can create water where there was formerly none. He can move the winds.

You're probably wondering...where's the catch?

The catch is that Pan N'el Dar is certifiably insane.

Nobody can be absolutely sure when Pan went crazy. Some say that there was a time when he actually WAS as talented as he says he is, but some believe it is purely rumour concocted to explain away Pan's numerous criminal and social transgressions against the people of the Quar'An Swamps. Numerous clerics, psychologists and druids have found that Pan has severe and untreated mania, which causes him to create a grandiose (and very often untrue) sense of self-importance, happiness and optimism. These episodes come randomly: at the flip of a coin. Though he has never actually killed anyone, he has done things which most people would consider a little...eccentric (such as jumping onto the top of a very high building and shouting obscenities to those below).

Thankfully, Pan does have times when his mood is stable. He is an extremely caring individual when his mood is stable, and he truly is a talented druid in the realm of healing magicks.

From what CAN be extrapolated from Pan's truth-telling, he was born a bastard, illegitimate child who experienced a severely abusive mother and a brother who constantly bullied him due to his intelligence. He excelled at healing even at a very young age, but mania began to creep in. Pan's lowest point was when he was kicked out of the Mage's Guild due to biting a man's ear with whom he had once quarralled.

Pan left Quar'An because his people simply could not handle his mania anymore. Pan was overjoyed to move to Betelgeuse and meet the various citizens.

-Excellent healer; likely among the best
-Excellent alchemy skills
-Average enchanting
-Average skill with druidic magic
-Has a deep connection with animals and nature
-Shows true kindness and loyalty
-Is working on a cure to vampirism and lycanthropy

-Permanently inflicted with bouts of severe and untreated mania, which is resistant to any and all medical interventions due to the length with which Pan has suffered it.
-Pathological liar
-Usually has a poor relationship with others due to his bizarre behaviour at times
-Feral periods combined with mania cause destructive, dangerous and self-injurious behaviour
-Weak to shiny items such as diamonds and gold
-Drinks alcohol to suppress his mania
-Feels very ill when outside of nature
Pan N'el Dar
Pan N'el Dar

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