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Name: Twelve Lakemora (Lay-chem-ore-ah)
Age: 30
Race: Human

Appearance: Two meters tall, 140lbs, long brown hair kept in a ponytail by black leather bands, hazel eyes, and mildly tanned skin with a goatee along his face. He wears a brown leather vest and leather pants.

About Me: Twelve was the twelfth born of a generational family of engineers and craftsmen, one in which their surnames derived purely from their parent names. His father (Lake Casterif) and his mother (Mora Wexirasa) raised him with the family tradition of choosing an adult name for themselves as part of their coming of age. However, Twelve chose to keep his child name, which was simply the number of his birth. From an early age, he had a mindset for architecture, engineering, and efficiency, and a strange quirk of speaking with the materials he worked on as he worked them.

He graduated early from his apprenticeship to his grandfather, Vorum, and as part of his Journeyman's Quest, he was to take the tools of his trade and return home with a load of redstone from the depths of the world. For years he was gone, and presumed dead. In truth, he had rescued an elven woman by the name of Ireth Iglorion from a horde of undead, and escorted her out of the caverns. Her use of magic fascinated him, since it had been based on calculated alterations of matter and energy rather than the spontaneous and dangerous form his family had warned him of when he was younger.

He began an apprenticeship with her, and learned more about the magical world. However, his learning of magic was highly limited by his former learning of engineering and mechanics. The two schools of thought conflicted in his mind, and left his mind broken as he attempted to understand both concepts equally, even merging the two in his practices. Ireth concluded his apprenticeship out of fear of further breaking his mental state, but contact between the two remains strong.

Strengths: Has a boundless constitution and highly optimistic view of the world, possesses a massive intellect that is filled with random knowledge and trivia over years of study of many things. His skills delve into many industrial fields, as well as supernatural ones, with an architect's mindset about the world around him.

Weaknesses: His mind is scattered and broken from years of research and study into magic and machines, causing him to speak in scattered phrases that are high in verbosity. He suffers from hallucinations and nightmares, and has a terrible time understanding people around him. His research gets progressively dark at times, as he looks into merging magic and machines to bring his mind to equilibrium.


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