Ireth Iglorion, the Wandering Mage

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Ireth Iglorion, the Wandering Mage

Post  Guest on Sat Feb 25, 2012 10:46 pm

Ireth was born to a well known elven family, and learned how to use magic at a young age. She was always curious, and wanted to know why things were the way they were. She didn't just ask why the sky was blue. She wanted to know how it was blue, why it was blue and not another color, and then wanted to know if it was possible to change it to another color if she wanted to. Due to this mentality, she was more prone to testing the limits of reality, wanting to know why things were, what made them that way, and if they could exist any other way.

But there is something that she still strives to know the answer to. 'Why did it have to happen?' When she was still young, a group of humans attacked her village while she was out in the forest practicing. When she had returned to the village, her people were killed, and strangely, so were the men responsible. She didn't understand why, and decided she would find out why. She found her way to a nearby village, which happened to be full of humans. She asked them her question. "Why did humans kill my family and friends?" the townspeople didn't know how to answer, but a older man spoke up and explained to her about the evil that resides in all hearts, and that some just cannot fight it off.

The answer satisfied her enough that she allowed the older man to take her in. He happened to be a skilled mage, and taught everything he knew. Of course, being a human with only so many years left, her mentor died before she was even an adult, and she said her final goodbye before setting out in the world. She continues to ask questions, find answers, and ultimately wants to know, "Why is there evil? and can I change it?"

Being only 20 years old, Ireth was still a child, and still had much to learn about the world and how things worked. She knew there were those who were prone to disliking those of another race, and every time she had attempted to ask them 'Why?', she was met with near hostility. She never asked someone more than once, deciding to attempt to ask others. After leaving the land she knew, she went and explored towns she encountered, joined others who were out on their own journey, and learned a great deal.

But every so often, she would have nightmares of the day that had changed her life forever. Why was she spared? Why didn't she die with the others? Going out into the forest to practice was not something she normally did. Why did she decide to do it that day? She knew her parents had been important people, but she was unsure of how they were important, and would it have even had anything to do with the murders? More questions come to mind after those nightmares. Questions with no answer. She was no diviner. She could not speak with the dead, or see the past, and gather clues from it. Her mentor knew no such magic. She had searched for one, but had not been able to find anyone who could help her. She put her questions on her shelf of questions and focused on the questions she could find answers to.

She wandered for nearly 200 years, helping those she could, and discovered more questions and answers, learning as much as she could. She Traveled with a bard for some time. A bard that nearly got them into severe trouble more than once, and had an apprentice who turned to using necromancy for evil purposes. Not long after that, she took in a young human boy who had magical potential, and taught him. He went on his way when it was time, and she wandered back to the land she grew up in. She felt drawn towards it, but unsure of why.


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Re: Ireth Iglorion, the Wandering Mage

Post  Guest on Sat Feb 25, 2012 11:10 pm

Some stuff I did of Ireth. She's my first D&D character I ever made.


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Ireth's Journal: Entry 1

Post  Guest on Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:08 am

I found myself wandering back towards the region where my home used to be. I found myself in a small town between two cities. I am not entirely sure this is the exact area of my birthplace, but I do know I must be close. My instincts, even after all this time, could not have me completely off track...

The first person I met in the deserted town, was a lizardfolk named Z'greel. He was a kind fellow, and seemed to be adjusted to the area. I wandered around, taking note of the large city in the ground, and was approached by a human by the name of Alexander, though people seem to call him 'Xander' as a short name. He was kind enough to show me around the city in the ground, Legaria. I learned that it had once been a mine. He was kind enough to allow me to purchase a map of the area, since it seems my previous one had been 'borrowed' by a halfling I had encountered but a day before. I thanked him, and was on my way.

Passing through the sands, I came across an elf known as Skjoldr. He asked me about where I stood on the war, and where I was from. I was confused by this, but spoke truthfully. He led me back to a tree city known as Miendienl. we talked for a bit, and I had decided to stay for a small time.

The next day, though I encountered two people fighting, a man known as Oak, and another known as Isaac. Oak accused Isaac of being a vampire, and was attacking him. I attempted to stop the fight, but it was of no use. A woman came by, rather angry about it, and throwing curses at Oak, who she referred to as a 'Meind'. I could tell that the term was used derogatorily.

After the fight was over, I used my magic to lift the unconscious Oak back towards Miendienl, with Skjoldr beside me. We set him down in the grove, and I watched over him while Skjoldr went to find another by the name of Umazen. Umazen came and patched Oak up as best as he could, and I went exploring again.

On my way, I met a man by the name of Lorenzo. Though I had not chosen where I was to live, it seemed he had assumed that I was a 'Meind', and warned me to stay off of Legaria lands. I felt very unwelcome, and my traveling nature told me to move on. I attempted to pass through the area outside of Legaria to continue on, but Lorenzo approached me again, warning me once more. I told him that I was not from Miendienl, and he said that I could be arrested just because I was an elf. I later found out, from the Vizier of Legaria, that this information was not true.

That brings me to what caused me to stay in Legaria. Skjoldr and I were on the sands, and was approached by a man known as Jonathan. He was the Vizier of Legaria, and told me that the information that Lorenzo had given me was wrong. They did not have anything against elves. He explained to us about a war that has been going on. Seemingly, the Legarians lived in the town in the sands. The site of Legaria city was the mine that sparked Miendienlians to attack the humans. While I understand the reasoning, and the humans could have found a better way to mine, it was of no reason to attack.

The Miendienlians could have simply attempted to show them a better way, than to tell them no, and attack them if they didn't stop. the humans could have simply not understood why. I fear, though, that the damage between both sides have been done, and neither will want to try to settle things peacefully.

Skjoldr decided that Miendienl wasn't the city for him, and went home to get his things. Jonathan told us that we would be welcome to Legaria, and so we both decided to move there. While I was getting a room situated, Skjoldr returned, telling me that Oak had attacked him because he had overheard the conversation with Jonathan. I decided to get to the bottom of the situation, and went to see Oak.

Upon reaching Oak, we had a long discussion, and he and I came to an understanding. I would need as many Miendienlians on my side as I could get, if I were to find a way to stop the conflicts. I returned back to get myself settled into my new home. It was not long after that, I noticed movement outside of my door.

I left my room to see Oak sneaking around. I approached him, and asked him what he was doing here. He told me he was seeing if we had needed supplies. I suppose he was referring to myself and Skjoldr. I told him that we didn't, and I told him that he should not be here. It was not good for him, and it contradicted his previous actions with Skjoldr. If Legarians are not allowed in Miendienl, then Miendienlians were not allowed in Legaria. And Miendienlians seemed most likely to be the ones who would send spies into the city. I did not get that feeling from any Legarians.

Luna, the healer of Legaria, caught us talking, but only moved on angrily. I hope she did not misunderstand my intentions. I managed to get Oak to leave, and reasoned with him some more. Luna did not seem to approve, but I needed to continue to be on good terms with Oak, in the case that I needed to diffuse a situation with him involved. He would be most likely to listen to my reasoning if he and I are on good terms.

I went back down the hall and found Lorenzo's door open, and Z'greel was raiding Lorenzo's food supply of its fish. I went to find Lorenzo, and found him bandaged up and in bed. He had been severely wounded. Luna soon came by and healed Lorenzo, leaving without a word. I have gathered that she believes Lorenzo, the woman known as Jasmin, and Z'greel are traitors. I spoke with Lorenzo, and found out that he had been attacked by a werewolf. Most Importantly, Oak.

I had a suspicion that Oak may have been a werewolf, due to his warning that I should not be out during a full moon. But this seemed like this was more of a focused attack. As if Oak had specifically targeted Lorenzo in his home. Oak could have crashed my door in just as easily, and mine would have been closer than Lorenzo's. I need to speak with Oak as soon as I see him. I have to find out about why he attacked him.

I soon met Isaac formally. My curiosity from before had gotten ahold of me, and I asked him if what Oak had said was true. I was not going to go into detail, in the open. And I will not write out my discussion with Isaac either, due to privacy reasons, if my journal was to ever be picked up by hands other than my own. Though I do know of spells to keep prying eyes out of my things, it is not necessary to seem as though I am hiding something.

Isaac and I, though, became friends. At least, I hope he considers me one. He is a nice boy who has been through alot, and I hope that my research can assist him. It was not long after, that a strange noise started to plague the citizens of Legaria. The sound, in itself, was very strange, and difficult to describe. I will place a memory of the sound here for future reference.

I went towards Miendienl, searching for the source of the sound, and found myself face to face with Lorenzo, who was with Jasmin and Isaac. It seemed they were attempting to find the source as well. We searched for a bit, and got separated. I ran into Umazen, who seemed to have forgotten meeting me previously, but then again, we had not formally spoke or had been introduced. I explained why I was there, and Isaac came into view. He had been wounded by an undead that had been walking around. I noticed that the dead do seem to return after dark.

Isaac was wary of Umazen, but I assured him that Umazen wouldn't hurt him. Umazen treated him, and then Lorenzo approached. At this point, the sounds were getting worse. It seemed that Lorenzo had found the source of the sound in a nearby cave.

Umazen joined us as we went to the cave. Inside, there was lava, and redstone. I knew of redstone from my mentor, who was an alchemist. There was also a werewolf inside. I was the first to cross the lava, followed by the others. I am a mage, and the feats necessary for jumping from rock to rock surrounded by lava is not something I did, even when I traveled with groups of adventurers. We followed the werewolf deep into the cave, where all of us managed to kill the werewolf. I had attempted to speak with it, but it was more intent on killing us.

I had collapsed against the wall. I had been poisoned by the spiders in the cave, and I had used too much of my magic against the werewolf. Isaac helped me, and Luna healed me, but I was still tired. We found ourselves face to face with two beings. Darandelle. I had heard stories of them, and now I was face to face with two living ones.

I wanted to get information, I had to ask them questions. Who can say that they have met with Darandelle? It was a once in a lifetime chance.... but they were more interested in taking Lorenzo's soul into a sword. They mentioned our souls would feed their blades. Being a mage, I knew this was not mere 'combat talk'. Their blades could very well take souls. I wanted to know more, but Issac killed one with water, and the other, Umazen killed.

I do not have any ill feelings towards them. While I had wanted to ask my questions, I knew it was for the best. They had spoke of us being in their lands. I did know that where both cities are used to be Darandelle lands, but with the legends, I did not know that any would still exist. But if they do exist... maybe these two were not the only ones?

If they are not, then we could very well be at danger of attacks from more of them. Both Legarians and Miendienlians could be at risk. Maybe this will aid in my attempt to stop the war? Both cities working together to deal with a bigger threat?

Umazen handed me a sphere that had been found in a chest in the cave. Issac had found an axe as well. I wish to study them and find out everything I can about them. They are artifacts from a lost civilization. Maybe one day, I will be able to have my questions answers.

But not today.
Maybe tomorrow.


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Re: Ireth Iglorion, the Wandering Mage

Post  hardeu on Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:18 am

Well written. Say, what does Ireth think of Umazen? Does she have hostile feelings/neutral/friendly? etc. I haven't really figured it out yet.

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Re: Ireth Iglorion, the Wandering Mage

Post  Guest on Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:26 am

She is always friendly until someone gives her a reason not to be. She considers Umazen a potential friend, but thinks he may not want to be on friendly terms due to her ties with Legaria.


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Ireth's Journal: Entry 2

Post  Guest on Tue Feb 28, 2012 2:13 am

My hands are rather shaky as I write this. I am still recovering from an illness brought on by... .. a mishap in my research... But I will start off with what happened before then.

I had a long talk with Xander, and discovered that he was not human, but in fact a species that derived from giant and elf. Rather fascinating. His species is known as Aretelians. At first, I thought it was just his homeland, but it was in fact, his race. They have striking violet eyes, and near elven features. They can live forever, as long as they are not killed by any other means, and tend to be a warlike sort of people. I discovered that he has fallen in love with Luna, and it is the reason he stays in Legaria. I do hope that continues to go well.

I did some research on the Darandellian Spheres, and some other research for a friend.. then went out to gather reeds for more paper, when I encountered a newcomer. He seemed to have been here before, and was a doctor of some sort. He asked about any cities, and I took him to see Legaria.. I told him about the war, and he seemed to know it was still going on. He asked if there was a hospital and I took him to see Luna. I left them to speak, and went home.

I spoke with Isaac momentarily, and then headed home to make a decision. It was against my better judgement, but I did the research anyways. My test caused me to get extremely sick. Isaac happened to be walking by and helped me to the hospital. Luna healed me as best as she could, but I still feel ill. I did not want to worry Isaac any more, so I didn't mention it.

Now, I need more rest.


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Re: Ireth Iglorion, the Wandering Mage

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